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Real Inspiration.


Love is the Cure

If you ever need proof that indeed, love Is the cure, look no further than the inspiring story of Susan Toney. The rising recording artist has had to overcome incredible odds but she’s never lost her faith, including in herself.


One More Magic Act

John Gabriel is a former landscaper who rose through the ranks at the NBA to become one of the league’s most powerful and successful executives. Now he’s facing what may be his toughest opponent yet — Parkinson’s disease.

Ed-Feldman 16x9

The Art of Happiness

Did you ever feel you just didn’t fit in? Ed Feldman once hid behind his iPhone, his computer and his hairpiece. But as he played around on his gadgets, he made a discovery — he could create stunning images. Find out how he traded his hairpiece for his happiness.

What is Surviving & Thriving?

Struggle is a universal human experience. Life will knock us down and count us out if we allow it. Surviving & Thriving is a program filled with hope, inspiration and possibility. A program with real stories about real people who refused to give in when confronted with the kinds of challenges that nearly every family faces. From cancer to cardiac disease; the loss of a spouse to the loss of a job, Surviving and Thriving is about standing up and fighting for all that life has to offer and in some cases for life itself. These battles are rarely fought alone. We all need inspiration from the examples of others who have not only survived but thrived in the aftermath of hardship. Surviving & Thriving provides those examples.

Surviving and Thriving is brought to you by Growing Bolder in partnership with Florida Hospital and WKMG Local 6.

Real People. Real Stories.


Your Stories: Elaine Krugman

Do you have a mantra? After experiencing a potentially paralyzing injury, Elaine Krugman adopted one: “Believing in your dreams can be far more rewarding than living by your limitations.” See how it fueled her powerful recovery.


Pat Williams: Man on a Mission

Pat Williams is a man who knows how to get things done. From co-founding an NBA team to writing nearly 90 books and running in dozens of marathons, he believes there’s nothing you can’t do. It’s the same attitude he’s bringing to fighting his cancer.


Surviving & Thriving Extra! April 2014 Episode

“Surviving & Thriving,” Episode 5, aired on April 18, 2014, on WKMG Local 6. Check out our list of resources to help you learn more about the stories featured in the show, including links to blogs and social media accounts for those featured.

Doug-Ulman and Wendy16x9

Greetings from Kilimanjaro

As the Survivor Summit team made its way up Mt. Kilimanjaro, “Surviving & Thriving’s” Wendy Chioji and Marc Middleton and LiveSTRONG CEO Doug Ulman paused to send a special greeting to their friend, ESPN’s Stuart Scott. Watch their message of hope as Scott once again finds himself battling cancer.